The Mallun Tote Bag is the MUST-HAVE in all of our collection. It is an elegant and practical tote bag every professional woman needs in her closet. The first thing that customers notice is how light it is. It is big enough to carry your laptop, even a 15" one. The bag is the essence of handmade. The design embedded in the bag are skilfully handwoven and the bag is handstiched with a braiding method all around the bag. This Tote bag is named after Mallun Yen, Executive Vice President at RPX Corporation and co-founder of the ChIPs Network. Mallun was our first ever customer buying this ASILA Tote Bag. Thank you Mallun! 

It is made out of 100% Authentic Moroccan leather with skilfully handwoven Moroccan designs using a combination of 100% wool and 100% cotton. It includes an inside zipper. 


TOTE SIZE: 15.5"/13"/4" - 39.4cm/33cm/10.2cm

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